Tonglen: For Our Own Suffering by Swami Girijananda

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Breathe In the Dark…Breathe Out the Light!

Tonglen is a classic spiritual practice for awakening and strengthening compassion. We expand the heart to embrace everything in the human experience. Swami Girijananda’s approach, which blends elements from both the Buddhist and Hindu tantric traditions, focuses on releasing us from our own suffering through what she calls “breathing in the dark and breathing out the light.” Breaking down the steps of tonglen, she shows us how to face, befriend, and transform our darkness into light. First we learn to acknowledge our own darkness, our “stuff”. Next we seperate those feelings from our stories about them. Finally we connect to the inner light o our own true nature and experience the natural transformations that takes place from within. The book includes seven distinct variations of this simple yet powerful practice, suitable for people at any stage of inner development.

Swami Girijananda ( teaches a post-traditional meditation based on more than forty years of practice in both Hindu and Buddhist traditions. A disciple of Sami Muktananda from the early 1970s, she set up and ran several Siddha Yoga ashrams for him. Later she spent twelve years at Rigzin Ling, a Tibetan Buddhist retreat centre in northern California. Girijananda is founder of the Amrit Anubhav Meditation Center in Arcata, California.

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