Vijnanabhairava or Divine Consciousness by Jaideva Singh

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Vijnanabhairava is a very ancient book on Yoga. It studiously eschews mechanical worship, external rites and ceremonies and goes directly to the heart of the problem of the union of human consciousness with the Divine. There is no theoretical discussion n the book. It describes 112 types of Yoga each of which is a precious gem delineating the mystic approach to the Divine. For this purpose, it makes full use of all the aspects of human life – prana, manas, imagination and intuition.

The book has for the first time been translated into English. The translation of each verse is followed by copious expository notes, which contain not only all that is of any value in Sanskrit commentaries, but also many practical suggestions made by Swami Lakshamana Joo on the basis of his personal experience of these Yogas.

In order to understand the philosophical background of these Yogas, the reader is advised to go through the introductory portion of the author’s Pratyabijnahrdayam or the Siva-Sutras.

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