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“Getting in touch with the present moment is indispensable in true meditation, because the present moment is the doorway to the infinite.”

Swami Shankarananda – Conciousness is Everything

About The Ashram

An ashram is a school of the inner world. It is a place where the fire of personal transformation burns brilliantly, illuminating the Self within and all of the habitual ways that we lose touch with it. Through living in or visiting an ashram, a person has the opportunity to experience the Divine and unfold their full potential as a human being.

Such places are rare in the western world, making the Sri Nityananda Ashram a particularly valuable resource for modern seekers. The spiritual director, Swami Shankarananda, was one of the first people to run an ashram in the west, and has now been doing this for over forty years. He is uniquely placed to guide western seekers through the dynamic and life-changing process of spiritual awakening.

Sri Nityananda Ashram Book Shop Mount Eliza

The Sri Nityananda ashram has a vibrant community of householders who attend the regular programs. At any given time, there are also around 15 ashram residents, who have prioritized their spiritual practice, and help to facilitate the ashram programs and maintain the facilities.

These regular programs are open to all, and emphasize different elements of the yogic path. Satsang is the weekly highpoint; it is a rich and varied program, including chanting, meditation, a talk from Swamiji and the opportunity to meet him personally. Study group involves the examination of various yogic texts, and the application of these teachings to everyday life circumstances. Shiva Process is a unique and dynamic method of group self-inquiry, in which participants learn to work with thoughts and feelings, moving towards upliftment. The Guru Gita program involves the chanting of this ancient yogic text, which describes the essence of the Guru-Disciple relationship.

Make the most of the ashram as a spiritual resource! In the spirit of our tradition, we welcome you with great respect and love. 

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